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click here for bar show pics
not quite as many this year
more liquor less pictures

never too late for a weekend update

had a great weekend. it actually started on thursday with jenns going away party which was just awesome. maja and coles house is sick big.
we sat out on the roof drinking 1800, sailor jerrys, and some kinda fancy beer. hazy memories ensued.
friday we sat in. i was still rather tired from the night before. jenn came up and I gave her some burned cds and a painting. hugs and tears ensued.
I decided that for the most party i was going to relax for the rest of the weekend cause of the bar show on monday, but james' car broke so we decided to get a bottle quervo and morn.
His man mike came up with his lesbian friends and we all sat around shooting the shit. The lesbians left and we retired to kitchen for shots and trivial pursuit. we stayed up till day light.
sunday was relaxing. actually, i only spent about 4 hours of conscious, i slept all night and woke up at 830 for the bar show.
separate post to come later with pics.

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a quick note

I hate the way that the automated lady on the vpost service says goodbye...snotty fake lady

weekend blah blahs

had a full weekend, It actually felt like a weekend for once. they go by so fast. Saturday was unexpectedly beautiful. we went up to the creek by moon lake, got some shakes and dogs and took them down to the water. we sat on a rock in the middle and enjoyed the perfect weather.
Stopped by the liquor store on the way home for some Sailor Jerry rum. Ive been trying to not go out as much, I spend about three quarters less when staying in. So after this week (being Jenns bon voyage week) Im gonna keep it to a minimal of once a week out. if that.
Last night I went out to the jazz cafe to see the hip-hop show. My boy little Rob from back in the day opened up. He held a good show. That was nice to see. We didn't stay long though, watched him, smokes some cigarettes, and went back to joes to watch Stop the Yard. which was cool. I like battle movies. Im gonna bring Rise over next week to show him where all of that fancy dancin came from.
Ive been spend lots of time with joe lately. Its been great. Theres a stigma i think about friends who have kids. I think i even felt that way for a while, but now that were older man, its different. Joes a person i need in my life. I feel the same about his kid.


Jun. 2nd, 2007

i cannot figue out this damn phone posting....help me!!!

Jun. 1st, 2007


I grew up in a strict catholic family. I was told from the get go that being gay was wrong (I don't want to give the wrong impression of my parents, there not assholes, just uneducated in the matter, which I work on diligently as I get closer to the day I come out to them) They're isn't even anyone in my extended family who is a lick of gay, or who could be and is just in the closet. aside from when I was being babysat by my cool older cousin (who actually made me watch MTV so i "won't grow up to be a nerd, like my parents intend for me to be"), I was'nt exposed to any form of alternative living, aside from the bits of MTV on the weekends.
I was never mistreated by men, or abused. My parents bought me K Marts version of Barbie and pink lacy dresses, my room was pink till I was 13, and my bike was pink with ribbons on the handles. Yet I wanted to play soccer with the guys, and race bikes, play cops and robbers. My best friend was girl, when we played house, I was the husband. I never wanted to be the wife (she was also the first girl I ever kissed, at the ripe old age of 8)
I would sneak into the attic and play with my brothers old toys. I wanted to be a drummer. most of my other friends were guys, which worried my parents, but I just wanted to be like them, not with them. I remember having a crush on my girl scout leaders daughter, and my camp counselor at the CYC, and my fifth grade science teacher. I remember being at an all girls basketball game when I was twelve, that was the first time I actually said it in my head...I am gay.
Even as a teenager and up into my early twenties, when I tried to convince myself otherwise, for the sake of my family and for the sake of not being "different" and perhaps even leading a (what I was told to be) "normal" life, i knew. no matter what that i was gay as the day is long.
I dont feel like any one particular thing lead me to be gay. i just was. I don't need a clinical study to tell me why. its mind boggling that people have to know what causes people to be gay in order to not feel morally debased because they checked the yes box for gay people to rights....emphasis on the word people.
yet sadly here we are...2007... we've got right winged religious zealots on one side insisting that its wrong because of a book written by humans. A hypocritical work, that not only tells them that god doesn't go for gays, but in the same pages tells them that man was created in the image of this god himself. so homosexuality is obviously a choice in there minds. theres no way god would allow people to do such unspeakable acts...such as being in love. so just like that we get filed in with the same as people who murder, rape, fuck thy neighbors wife/husband, steal money from hard working people, kill thousands of innocent people of blood and oil money...oh wait...thats starting to sound familiar.
then we have the folks like my parents, good people, who just don't know. if they had the facts, or a person that they loved with all there heart and trusted, to explain these facts, they would understand, get it, see thats its just life and love and its natural. unfortunately unlike my parents a lot of those people don't.
We dont have enough gay people standing up for themselves. we've got gay people so in the closet that they live they're lives as something they are not.
I honestly have to admit that for a long time I didn't care, and i know it had to do a lot with being frightened of what people thought because of the way i grew up and it had a lot to do also with the fact that i didn't think id ever actually want to get married.
Wanting to or not, I get it now though, I should get my white picket fence if I want it, and when i decide to get married I don't wanna have to have a fake ceremony. I want it to be the same and my brothers and his wifes, and my mom and dad. because i love just as strongly as them. I should not have to worry about losing my job because of who I love. I shouldn't have to worry that my children will be badgered by they're classmates because they're imbecile parents wont tell them that everyone is equal no matter what you look like or who you fuck, and the school systems wont step in to do the right thing either.
and fucking A...when I read the article today about New Hampshire legalizing gay marriages I should have been reading it on the first page, second at least. Not the bloody obituaries.
Its nice to see progress. GLBTs in movies and television.. Oregon and New Hampshire stepping up. Massachusetts New Jersey Cali and Hawaii with they're civil unions. coalitions popping up left and right, but were far from equality. Its so sad to me that people haven't had they're fill of segregating each other, that people think they have a right to judge someone over something they have no part in. even if we did...this isn't school lunch. its life and love.


I always forget

Its been forever, again, since Ive touched the LJ. I decided today to make it my homepage as to not forget. I never forget about myspace, yet i despise it , ironically.

fuckin A....
I hate republicans but ron paul seems like a stand up dude.. i find his honesty, thoughts on foreign policy, taxes, healthcare and his commitment to the constitution endearing. like i said though he is a republican, so in issues as far as gay marriages, stem cell research, and Im assuming legalization of marijuana, he wants to leave all of those state to state decisions. i just dont think thats good enough.

Thats really besides the point though. the point being myspace censors and therefore can fuck off.

itso facto

I just realized that Ellen Pompeo of Greys Anatomy plays Lizzie Abrams in the Feather in the Storm episode of Strangers with Candy...fuckin awesome

Oh yeah

Were skippin crazy night at OTCs for this!

Three hours of exploitation bliss on a Hollywood budget?
Fuck yeah.


I had a dream last night that myself, Chrystal , Kimmie and Eileen all went to a concert. I forget who was playing exactly. I know that it was someone I wanted to see followed up by a band I wasnt so psyched to see. This morning when I woke up I got a text from Eileen asking if I wanted to take the day off to see taking back sunday. the latter band no doubt...hehe. Regardless it gave me the willies.

Our tub has been clogged up for weeks now, water from the sink flows up into the tub bringing with it some sort of funk. So weve been forced to find showers elsewhere, or shower with funk in the tub...So Ive been showering at my moms and once at a buddies, and I had a hotel this weekend for Lupes visit. So its been here and there, and sort of far between. Today the plummer made it down. I wont speak of what came from our pipe, but funk doesn't explain it. So now the tub is fixed thank goodness, but the sink if totally fucked. some asshole soldered it together which is just ridunkulous. So dudes coming back tomorrow to finish the job, and fix the toilet as well, which has been all rigged up for months now. so thats exciting. I am, however, not excited about my landlord sitting there with me for the hour or two that it will take, with her cataract covered judging eyes. she makes me feel uncomfortable with her painful stories, and advice to me to not get old. Oh well. At least things get fixed.

what else what else...
oh yeah
I made a wish list of polos, t-shirts, and ties for my next check. I found all these discount stores online with cheap delivery. Very excited for that, I need shirts so bad, and ties. many many ties.

the IR hates everyone.

Ive come to this conclusion over the past hour that I have been on hold. First off, Ive already talked to someone, actually two people to be exact. I need my taxes from 2005 for my financial aid. Im currently waiting, well ive forgotten why I am waiting, but I dont want to hang up just in case they need any more information. Heres the first reason is this. Both people that I have talked to were, to say the least even though my request is quite simple, extremely rude to me. The conclusive second reason is this, the music that they play while you are on hold is Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker. which would be fine if it was, for one, December, and secondly, followed up with other delightful bell ringing, stupid cheer bringing christmas anthems.
Christmas is over though, and I cant stand all of those stupid songs during the season let alone after it. So as of now I am about four bars away from insanity, and I swear, if Lydia, rep number 2850807 comes back on this line with any sort of bad news or attitude, shes going to get an ear full. which Im sure it what she gets all day long anyway, but ill be happy to add to her already shite day.

what the deuce

how the hell does this text posting work, or why isnt it working?


i almost forgot my new phone should be here in a few days, i cant fuckin wait. i just hope it comes before i run out of units on my tracfone. yay to free nights and weekends, and unlimited texting!


Ive had this cold for about three weeks now. it started off as a sore throat. well, it wasn't so much of a sore throat as pain from my glands being so enlarged. so that finally started to go away when i got slammed with this killer head cold. it seemed to be going away the other day until bronchitis ensued, and now I cant hear out of my left ear. this is brilliant.
Ive been trying to go this whole time self medicating. massive loads of vitamin c, plenty of rest, and a daily dose of multi vitamin to top it all off. I think that i would have most likely continued with this regiment to be honest up until the loss of hearing in my left ear. So today i called my doc up and had him order me a z-pak, cause this is just gettin old.
ever since i got sick a few months back it been a constant battle to stay healthy. Ive been trying my best to stay off of anti biotic, because im fairly sure it was the large amount pumped into me at one time while in the hospital that got me here. I just cant go much longer feeling like this, so I went for it.


I dont see where the difficulty lies in smiling a bit when someone cracks a joke or is plain out and out kind to you. thank yous are so easily followed by your welcomes, that it almost hurts not to hear it.
bottom line is this, not only is it easy to be kind, but you even get something out of it yourself, and it seems like these days thats what people want the most. to give and get something in return. Not only will you be giving your server of any sort, from booth attendant to food server, a sense of accomplishment which is normally more than well deserved. you yourself can walk away knowing that you made that persons day just a little better, a little easier. Any human on this earth should be able to realize that this is a great feeling to have, whether you work on Wall st. or McDonalds. The one asshole who comes through giving me shit over one dollar when they have been parked her for two hours when all i am doing is the job i am being paid for, will have that tendency to just sort of linger over your head exceedingly longer than the nice folk that simply thank you and move on there merry way. Or even make some nice conversation

now you may say. well theresa, why dont you just not take it so seriously and let it go. well i think that that is honestly much easier said done, especially when one must sit and dwell upon all that they deal with at there job, because there is simply nothing else to do.

heres a little side note from personal experience. slightly off subject.
Unless you have no one in the world to turn to, no friends relatives etc. and sadly the only person who you could talk to is the person you are currently visiting on there death bed in the hospital. do not, i repeat do not tell the booth attendant your personal reason. ESPECIALLY to get out of paying. Even if not, they are not going to tell you they dont want hear it. unless of course they are complete dicks, then fuck it, feed it to them. I promise you though, they honestly do not want to hear it. unless someone had a baby. I really dont like hearing that im going to be seeing a lot of someone because there loved one has cancer and is dying. not to be a dick, but i just never know how to respond, and it makes me severely uncomfortable.

there you have it folks, a bunch of bitching and moaning my yours truly


Friday night

i just saw my boy frank bria for the first time in years, hes looking real good. last time i saw him he was a straight up drunk, jobless, ect. hes driving emergency vehicals now and about to start classes to be an emt. im proud of him, hes a great guy, extra smart. its good to see him doing some good for himself.

tonights gay bar night. cant wait to see what insanity unfolds. im trying to get Jough to come with. I think hes one of those people that think that all gay men are out to sleep with him. i hate that shit. so hopefully he'll come and realize thats not the turth.
and that hes full of himself.

goats in trees

this was the Life magazine picture of the week. these goat fellas live in the semidesert surrounding Taroudant, Morocco.
turns out people extract the seed of the fruit they are eating right there and press it into an oil that is used in skin moisturizers and shampoos. i guess its not as good if it hasnt been marinating in shite.


waiting for my burrito to come

there is a delicious burrito on its way to me right now. i cannot wait.

i was checking out some online schools today, trying to get an idea of what sort of programs you can get into without having to leave your house of be around groups of people that suck.
I know i should probably get over hating people, but they make it so very easy. so..very... easy.
anyway, im looking into information technologies of for starters. im too good of a nerd not to give that a look see.
i also checked out business of course, and a few others.
i got my info from ITT today so i sifted through that right quick, and i need to get in touch with Lccc to see if its too late to sign up for spring classes. I think it is, but Im down to take a summer class or two.
Im just trying to check out my options. Ive been holding it off for so long now, and now that i know i have to stick around here for a bit longer i may as well use the time wisely.

the burrito has arrived, and it is delicious.

I need new glasses so bad, my mom came through with a card for lens crafters. 80 dollars off any frame, and i think my insurance should take care of the exam, im hoping.
these puppys are lookin quite sexy...

i cant believe how quickly my prescription went weak on me this time. its crap i tell ya. im havin a hell of a time reading. hopefully ill get the appointment for next week, that would be nice.
Im going to get my permit tomorrow so hopefully my current pair will be sufficient enough for the test. I think ill be fine i just have to worry about switching the letters around. hopefully having dyslexia isnt a reason to not be able to drive. I should be fine, i mean i know it doesn't bother me when i drive, but i dont know what there stupid rules are.

i love the scissor sisters.

i think there was more that i wanted to say but i forgot


i broke a sweat on my way to work today

I hate how warm it is outside. now dont get me wrong i love warm weather, but last january when i was in Tennessee with james it was about this warm...TENNESSEE...what is that like 4 states down? global warming isnt happening, huh? its all a hoax, eh?
fuck you it aint happening.
the fuckin cherry blossoms are blooming, they arent supposed to bloom for another, oh i dont know...three or four months. come on.
we are going to be microwaved in about 50 years, im telling you. this shit aint right


its indie rock and roll for me

my ears are infected, its disgusting. not sure what happened, im guessing the tea tree oil wore off, and thats when it seemed to start up. it was just that sensitive annoying itch at first but today when i got up they were out of control.
to im lettin them air out right now, used some sea salt to clean them up a bit. they are so swollen I cant even get my 9/16 ths in.  ill probably have to go down a few sizes for the time being, which makes me slightly disappointed because i stretched last at craigs passing.  my lobes are pissed .

yesterday i watched a documentary more disturbing than any horror slasher gore film i have ever lay eyes upon.
its called jesus camp and if you with to be shocked and terrified i suggest that you watch it.
it follow a number of children who attend an evangelist summer camp.
for those of who you dont know what evangelists are, they are like the republicans of christianity. these fuckers are hardcore rolling on the floor speaking in tongs hardcore. adam and eve anti evolution teach your kids at home so they dont even have the chance to learn about evolution hardcore. these fucking kids man, these poor kids, i seriously actually feel bad for them, because they think that this is all there is. honestly if you have the chance get this film, do. these fucking kids are like soldiers in training. there were times when i was so repulsed by what i was hearing that i had to pause it, and put my fuckin head down.
out of control.

on another note, ive been thinking of heading back to college again, taking the rest of my core classes that i didn't finish while i work then hopefully transfer to wilkes or kings for god knows what. hopefully by then ill have a better idea of what i want to pursue. something in arts im sure. maybe science. we shall see.
but i can take most of the core classes here on the square so i want have to worry about driving to lccc which proved impossible for me last time. im thinking to start this spring
we shall see.

fucking dell

those fuck faces at dell wont replace my battery, i guess the warranty runs out quicker for that than anything else. i mean i guess it is a good thing that they are replacing the cord, for the wires are exposed, but still that not going to stop my comp from shutting down every time it becomes unplugged. I decided though, since Im going to have to buy a new one, to go for the 9 cell instead of the 6. since i like to walk around with it in my backpack with the headphones plugged in its like if they made an I-Pod in the 80s

But I want it NOW Daddy!!!!

Hull Material:  Gen2 high-density polyethylene
Length:                       14ft 6in
Width:                         24.5in
Weight:                         56lbs
Maximum Load:         500lbs
Skeg:                         Yes
Rudder:                         optional
Recommended Use: Touring, recreational
Warranty:         Lifetime
Sexy:                      VERY!....along with expensive.....$1,100 without the rudder, though I would'nt want it anyway (besides it comes with a skeg).  thats without equipment though. paddles, safety gear, matching life jacket , ect.
I couldnt find any mango colored paddles, but I guess black would do.
a woman just came through my booth and said " oh my god I hate this new change, I cant tell the difference between nickels dimes and quarters!"
I have no fucking clue what shes talkin bout they all seem the same to me..
does anyone else honestly have this problem?


I was walking down Hanover St today on my way to work. I love south wilkes barre in the fall. it reminds me of being a kid, walking around aimlessly after school. tripping over raised sidewalks hiden by leaves.
It made me think about moving. and how im not going to have that feeling out there. I wont be able to walk by a house and say hey thats where cody lived, craig lived above him and i would ring his doorbell and run everytime i left codys. I just dont know how i feel about that.
i do on the other hand know that i feel good about making new experience.
new friends. and new memories. and i could always return with my memories still in place.

i just really hope something amazing comes from moving, other than the experience of moving alone. like love. i have no luck in love here. i just hope i dont find out i have no luck in love everywhere.
hopefully san fran will be good to me


go teeth

I had a dentist appointment today, the first one in about two years. Ive been going to the same dentist since i was...well, since i have had teeth. so they were all up on my shit. well anyway.
it turns out the sensitivity of my gums is from me grinding my teeth from stress. As soon as i opened my mouth the first thing they asked was if i was under a lot of stress lately.
I could'nt help but laugh a little.
so they're going to fit me for a grind guard next week when i get my one cavity filled. they were however proud of how little cavities i had. especially with how long its been since ive been there. they showed me my x-rays and there was all this white stuff on my teeth so i asked what i was, and i was not so surprised to hear that they were filling because i know ive had many, but its just a little weird cause i think there was more filling than teeth. luckily they are all filled with the resin and not metal.

Why I started using the client

You know how it goes, for one reason or another you decide to use your explorer to write and entry, a lengthy one at that and the BOOM magically somehow some way even though it hasnt been acting up all day your explorer craps out on you. and your wonderful entry is gone.
I cant even chalk it up to laziness because there is nothing less stressful than pulling up a program, you dont even have to do anything, just sit.
well long story short i have been tryng to get in touch with dell all day long to get a new battery and cord. and there server is all fucked up.
im just getting sick of my comp shutting off everytime my cord unplugs on accident.
my battery is totally kicked. it suck..
well my ride is here and im gonna go have a pretty lady make me some good drinks

I cant believe you said that.

there is a million and one things that i can ingest right now, from drugs to tv.
but there is nothing more real than love.
there is nothing more worth living for....
love is anything but artificial

What do I do now?

Be kind to yourself. When you feel ready, begin to go on with your life. Eventually starting to enjoy life again is not a betrayal of your loved one, but rather a sign that you've begun to heal.
Its important to remember that you can survive the pain. There may be times when you don't think it's possible, but it is.

Ive been reading some literature on suicide, you know, trying to make sense of everything.
i cant
it wont ever happen.
but i know it will get easier.
but i wont ever feel ok about it.
and i need to stop making myself try, cause its not helping when i realize it.
but theres nothing to be done about it.
he did what he had to i guess.
and i love him enough to respect that in a sense.
i just miss his face, and his words, and the songs that he made me listen to....
and his prank calls


a word

if your ever going through a toll plaza or a parking lot booth, and its pouring rain, turn off your wipers...its just the polite thing to do.
funkitreez's LJ stalker is catalyst1979!
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i fuckin knew it!!!
get out of my empty fridge!!!!

p.s thanks for the taco bell


i woke up at about five this morning to get a drink. i went to the fridge and noticed a bottle of water which reminded me that someone drank my untouched large bottle of dasani the other day. so i decided to chug that hole fuckin bottle party because my mouth was glued shut and partly because i hate when people drink my water since im the only one who buys it....well i took the first gulp, all sorts of huge right down the ol throat hole and filled my mouth up for the second gulp before realizing that it was vodka. needless to say i spat the second mouthfull all over the fridge grabbed the gallon of tea and chugged as much a possible...the heartburn was horrendous.
and i would have to say it rivaled thiking your about to drink soda and it ends up being milk.

yo yo yo

hey you sexy bitches, i got my cam workin again, so theres new pics a plenty
check out nyc, 7.03.06, and i added some new pics to good times....
i think my arm hair is dreading?
my battery is about a year old in my laptop and I am in severe need of a new one. it wont go much longer that 15 minutes unplugged, and I spent extra for the two hour battery that never actually lasted longer that and hour and a half. I dont expect much from dell really, but effen-A...
so today I wake up and much to my delight there is a recall on almost all batteries including the battery for the inspiron 6000...yay! not only didnt my house not burn down from it, but I get a new one!
wrong...somehow someway...my battery doesnt need to be recalled, even though it the year and model they are recalling. well I guess they gave me the only "good" battery that they had...yeah go figure
geusie: thats what gives you the cancer: the hot on the face

hey there sexy fuckers

check me out
pardon the shoddy track, its just me practicing, but there will be much much more to come

this is no fucking joke

Chinese county massacres 50,000 dogs
if you love dogs than you probably should'nt even read this
Friday we went to otc and there was all of 30 people there...it was kinda cool, we werent there long but managed to get pretty tanked. stayed the night...blah blah blah. Saturday chrystal and i went to see the night listener at the new theater downtown, with my folks. the movie itself was ok...Robin Williams truly carried the movie as always. but the story was slightly shoddy and had some serious holes in it. later we went back to otc and to my surprise joe and greg were both there.joe has been commin around lately which makes me happy but to see greg really blew my mind. its been years. i had a few drinks and a carload of us went up to the twist to check out the 10 other lesbians that live in this city. saw some old friends...it was cool
but it was yesterday that rocked the most socks. jenn and i went to river st cafe i believe it was called to meet up with a friend of ours from high school who was bar tending there. we hung out for a while and a couple of my buddys showed up. i was sweet, then we headed up otc. and the whole fucking crew was there including Eileen which rocked...we had a fuckin banging time...sat around had a laugh...allot of laughs. it was good. shes so good.
on a shite note...i fucked up my back today...it hurts so bad, and i did practically nothing to it. just an odd movement while cleaning, but courtesy of aleve and icy hot im feeling somewhat better. i did allot of conoeing yesterday so i was thinking that may have had something to do with it. i fuckin love canoeing

wamerica....fuck yeah!

im reading up on tylenol overdoses because im hearing all of this fuss lately about it. now im finding it funny enough as is that one of the "safest"  pain relieving products on the market has one of the oddest effects from overdosing including not seeing any actual side effects for over 72 hours. meaning that you can feel completely better for up to three days before you even realize that you took too much. or just drop dead. let alone the fact that this wonderful page full of "life saving information" happens to be sponsored by...you guessed it....tylenol.
so it got me thinking and heres a new slogan im going to pitch to them
it plays off of there current one.
but i think its informs as well as gets to the point
feel better
live life accordingly
drop dead abruptly.

maybe they can even end it with something cool for the youth....like rock on.

sweet baby jesus

i know there sisters but they should probably make out....with me


geusie: only in my world does funkitreez: what the hell
funkitreez: your nasty

geusie: precede funkitreez: i love you so  much

I am feeling slightly obsessive today

so bare with me


i think i like packet ketchup more than in the bottle...is that weird?
<img src=&quot;http://funkitreez.livejournal.com/163077.html&quot; title=&quot;&quot;  alt=&quot;interesting LJ post&quot;>
they wont stop attacking me
this is kinda sad right here....i have the door propped open behind me cause the air in here is just too much. and the door has a tendency to slam shut, ive been working here forever and know this. but i guess i didnt hear it start, and it scared me so bad when it slammed.....that i puked a little in my mouth...i cannot believe that that just happened. i didnt even puke when i drank the bottle of jack at brys party

but i thought id share

bring a book

i have no fucking clue where my cat is...i noticed last night that i hadnt seen him but we have four cats and a pretty large apartment so, i really didnt think much of it, but under closer inspection of the house he is in fact missing....im fucking heated. our door doesnt close all the way and you have to pay close attention to that shit and noone other than chrystal and myself does...fucking rediculous...i want my cat.
we think bill got drugged last night at twist...he end up leaving his car there and getting a ride home with some queen, which is not something bill would normally do..joey had to pull him out of the car and carrie him in and upstairs. it was out of fucking control.
and i woke up today with too rather nasty burns on my hand...thank god for that

i also found out my lot friend Chunk died last week. so im kinda burnt out about that...he was cool....now hes dead..
i think were driving to bethel NY in a few...i dont know why
but it should be nice takin a ride.
clear my head a bit


yeah see
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