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soooo good


theres an lj client for my phone!
I am feeling ultra exhausted. I think springing ahead may have thrown me off a bit. We also just rearranged the bedroom, and I don't feel too comfortable with it yet. Candice says its more feng shui. Im not sure.
I had to get Sookie towed to the garage yesterday. Her S belt snapped on account of a broken gear. I'm told this wouldn't normally be a problem, but the part has to come direct from Suzuki, and even then we have to hope that it works. I don't think its gonna be a problem. I think my mechanic is a drama queen. Good think we just bough new bikes, getting around shouldn't be a problem, and the weather is supposed to be quite pleasant this week.
We bought matching bikes by the way. All we need now is shirts with each others faces on them to wear while we ride.
Lets see lets see what else. Third year anniversary just passed. I love her more everyday. Its just ridiculous, I really can't wait to marry her. We celebrated by going to see Tegan and Sarah in Upper Darby. It was an excellent show, and we really enjoyed Holly Miranda as well. Enjoying opening acts is always a pleasant surprise.

Oh yes, silvercivic98ex is moving in this week. We have been talking about getting a roommate for a long time now. We always have the room, and can always use a bit of help, especially while Can is still in school. I cleared out the back bead room, and got the cats stuff situated in a new area. They are slightly bitter. Were all ready to go though, I think it's going to be quite refreshing to have a new face in the funkiswingle home. I need to remember to ask for Saturday off tonight.

The tree in the front of our house is beginning to burst to life, change is in the air. I love spring. Time to annoy the neighbors with some drumming.


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forgot about lj...Ive been all twittery

what else does the bible say jesus?

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Nov. 27th, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone


I think I was smarter when I was fucking pothead.



New season of Dexter this fall!

Makes me wanna dance!

one more day

I just woke up to someone slammin on the downstairs door. It was Candice and she had been doing it for about fifteen minutes. (she didnt have her keys cause she locked them in my car at a gas station in Kingston which is about a 30 minute walk or so) I didn't hear it at all untill the dog started barking which also didn't happen for about fifteen minutes which is strange because normally if someone is just walking by at night she wants to go out to investigate. I went out and freaked out before I even assesed the situatiion, then she freaked out on my for freaking out and not waking up or having my phone on me (I left it in the car last nihgt =X) and it was an all out freak out match for about 15 minutes untill we both calmed down. It was one of those what the hell just happened moments, then we laughed about it. I love her.

So she took one of the bikes to go get it and should be back soon. We are supposed to meet my mom in an hour at the farmers market, then we are going to get the car ready for vacation. We want to get that and the packing done today so we don't have to do anything tomorrow but pack the car and leave. So we are going to get everything that in the trunk out and vacuum the inside clean the windows then wash the outside. I can't wait...

I think I just heard her come in
My arms are BURNING from my workout two days ago...I think I want to start going after work instead of before more often. I feel like I have a lot more energy then

I love:

from Friday....no idea how it didn't post

I think I'm going to have to cut out of work early tonight. It is just too hot in this booth. We do have A/C and honestly I have been staying here longer than normal because its so damn hot in my house, but something is going on with it today and they can't fix it till Monday. Luckily I am going directly to Wal-Mart after work to purchase a 10000 BTU A/C for my disgustingly hot house. I am extra excited. I am also going to pick up a bunch of stuff to make dinner for the whole family tomorrow. It's Vince and Theresa's second day home with the baby and I thought it would be helpful to cook for them. Also I am going to surprise Theresa with some homemade sushi, it's her favorite and she hasn't been able to eat it for the past nine months. I am so excited to be an aunt, I can't wait to do all types of cool shit with the little dude, teach him all about music, take him to parks etc. I'm totally going to be the cool aunt....naturally.

I think Candice is on her way for me so I better start shutting down.

Oh yeah, I started watching Twin Peaks this week. It's so fuckin awesome. I decided to start a band called "Who Killed Laura Palmer", James will be on keys.
I just watched Rocket Science and it was seriously awesome!

new tat

Im getting the tree done on Saturday right above my wrist

I don't think we are going to do it on sat but I going get "some day the trees will sing" written above it.
Eventually I would like to get some flowers and vines to go around the treble clef and also a bass clef on my left arm.


Jun. 10th, 2008

people blow my fucking mind!!!!!
this FUCKING CUNT WHORE pulls up to the booth looks at me with dumb fucking face, and this point I know she gonna say something fucking dumb like "I didn't grab a ticket on my way in" or " I don't have no money" (which I hear a lot, just like that, I don't have no money). Instead, the bitch says....OH WELL....pops it in reverse, flies into the parking lot the wrong way and zips out the fucking entrance. HOLY FUCK.


I watched Charlie Bartlet last night and highly recommend it
Looks like the temperature is going to start warming up tomorrow, and it couldn't come at a better time with the long weekend and the fact that I just can't take the cold anymore. Especially since we have already had some super nice weather a few weeks ago.

My dog ate my favorite bra =(


I Love....

Desperate Housewives

new bike

I love....

Alex Borstein!

New Car!

This is Suki (sookie) my new suzuki, well shes not new per se but she is new to me. she rocks!


I love....

Jodie Foster
The subtle smell of spring
My girlfriend


I am not looking forward to going back to work today, Ive had a terrible cold for the past five days or so. The cold is subsiding, and bronchitis is settling in . I've been coughing so much my head hurts. Its annoying at this point. I am not looking forward to sitting in from of an open window all day and have the cold air infiltrate my sensitive lungs for eight hours. I don't think there is much that I can do though. I need the hours. I am fairly sure we will be getting a car in the next week or so, if everything goes well our friends mother is getting rid of her Lumina and will hopefully be selling it to us for an absurd price. I am not a fan of Chevys, I am however a fan of cheap cars. Plus if it happens then I will be able to keep my whole return this year, which I need sooo desperately for cloths, and a long list of other logistics that I haven't been able to afford lately, the rest is going into savings for vacation.
I decided to stay up tonight until Candice gets up for work, which is in six minutes or so. The coffee machine just turned on. She asked me to set my alarm for 5 to make sure she gets up. She has been having a difficult time lately getting into the flow of the new schedule. I'm using my broken phone until the new one comes in this week and one thing that doesn't work is the alarm, so I figure I may as well just stay up.
this coffee smells so effing good!
I think I am going to wake her up, then head to bed.


I love....

Kelsey Grammer

Jan. 7th, 2008

One of the classes that I am taking right now is Critical Thinking, which I love. I'm reading a chapter right now on excessive vagueness, ambiguity, and terms that need defining. Ninety percent of the examples of those three things are quotes from speeches given by George W. Bush.

October 12th, 2002


  • Oct. 12th, 2002 at 4:20 PM


wow. i guess my space bar wasn't working. I probably spilled turkey hill iced tea on it
I was such a stoner then. I didn't really give a fuck back then.
Ii did find the pipe though. it was a few months later and it was still packed. I remember that being very exciting.
I think I'm going to go through all of my posts and try to find some cool shit to repost.


tonight is candice and my birthday party. were waitin on joe to get done showering. hes going to take us and were going to take a cabby cab home. im excited. i bought a new out fit today and am looking rather spiffy. it should be an interesting night.
you can now watch episodes of my so called life on abc.com the put up an episode every friday

scary mary

Old school...

Sometimes I wish that women still talk like they did in the forties and fifties, like Greta Garbo, and Ingrid Bergman. They had that sort of style elegant style of speaking... So freaking classy... I think I'm going to start talking like that... Well maybe not.

eggplant parmesan spaghettis

this is a little something i just put together out of odds and ends we had. turned out great.

Take one medium eggplant, peel and slice in half inch sections across the width. salt them well and place in strainer and place on a plate. put a plate over the eggplant and weigh it down with as many cans of food as possible. let sit for 20-30 minutes until there is a decent amount of liquid accumulated on the plane beneath the strainer. Rinse off the eggplant and cut it all into half inch cubes. In a large pan melt a bit of oil and cook them up. in a separate sauce pan add a half of a large or one small onion and garlic, cook on low till soft. add two cups of vegetable broth and heat to boil, add a six oz can of tomato paste and stir till thick. meanwhile have a pot of boiling water going for your noodles. I happen to love eddies spaghettis veggie noodles. In the pan with the eggplant add a pinch or two of sugar, stir, and add in the sauce. add salt pepper and any other italian seasonings that you may love. add one quarter cup of soy or regular milk, and a hand full of parmesan. if you think the sauce is too thick add a splash of veggie broth or milk, whichever you prefer. taste serve and enjoy the shit out of it.



candice and I found an apartment this week. on monday were going to put down the deposit. Its a sweet pad right near my parents and downtown. its a little pricey but heat and hot water are included and its such an awesome place. Its sort of old school looking but not chincy. it has a sort of charm about it. Ill post some pictures when we get settled in. its in the back of this large apartment building that is filled with college kids. that is a plus as far as I am concerned. Our apartment is the furthest off from all of the other apts, and it is on top of a space that they use for storage, so there is no one under us. we have our own entrance and porch that is totally closed in. So were going to put the deposit down on monday and get the keys, then next week were going to do some light moving and after thanksgiving we will do all of the heavy moving with a uhaul. we have to go all the way up to the carbondale area to get her stuff and were going to do a load of junk to the dump. so its is going to be an intense weekend right there. we are so excited though. I cant wait to be settled.


im gonna be a friggin aunt!!!

two more days

Video/Graphics Card: 128MB ATI Mobility™ Radeon® X1400
Display: 15.4" WideXGA 1280 x 800 LCD - Saucer Silver
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T7200 2.0GHz 4MB Cache 667MHz FSB
Memory: 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SO-DIMM at 667MHz - 2 x 1024MB
Motherboard: Alienware® Intel® 945PM + ICH7 Chipset
Operating System (Office software not included): Genuine Windows Vista™ Ultimate
Notebook Tuners and Remotes: With USB Mini Media Center Remote Control
System Drive: 320GB Serial ATA 1.5Gb/s 5,400 RPM w/ 8MB Cache
Optical Drives : 8x Dual Layer CD-RW/DVD±RW Burner w/ LightScribe Technology - View Demo
Sound Card : Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio
Wireless Network Card: Internal Intel® Wireless 4965 a/b/g/Draft-N Mini-Card
Communications: Integrated 10/1000Mb Gigabit Ethernet & 56K V.92 Modem
AlienRespawn: AlienRespawn v2.0 Recovery DVD – Windows Vista Edition
Microsoft Office Suites: Microsoft® Office 2007 Small Business - Factory Installed!
Includes Basic + PowerPoint, Accounting Express and Publisher!
Flash Memory: Kingston USB 2.0 Hi-Speed 15-in-1 Reader
Game Controllers: Saitek P2900 Wireless Pad


Sep. 22nd, 2007

veggie sausage patties rock...all the great taste of sausage with out the biting sting of injustice

Go Veg!

So after a long period of wanting to and a short period of reading "skinny bitch". I have decided without further hesitation to give up meat and dairy completely.
one thing at a time and first things first.
today is day one of no meat. I didn't foresee today being a big deal, because I normally go a day or two a week without meat. So today so far has not been a problem what so ever. Im figuring that the first month or two will be incredibly hard. As much as I would like to say I know its going to be cake, there are many things that I enjoy with meat in them, that i know i will be feeling like im "giving up". i just need to remember that Im not, and there are many forms of substitutions that will be much more gratifying in the end. by end I mean my ass. aside from the fact alone that i will be doing my part to help save animals and the planet.
Even though Im sure at points it will prove to be a challenge seeing as how Ive been eating the crap my whole life. Im totally dedicated and ready.
What Im figuring will be the real hard part in the dairy. although i am just as willing and ready to kick it to the curb, I love it a lot more than meat.
Its going to take more than a month to get used to substitutions and eliminations.
I know its going to so worth it though for my body.
So ive been doing a lot of research online trying to find out who has what where, recipes, and all that jazz.
if anyones got anything for me, hook a sister up


hooplas involving circus tricks

Why must insurance company's be such pricks? Its not my fault that they sent me a beat ass refurbished phone that started to break only two weeks after sending it to me.
so i went on vacation for one week then theres the 48 hour period that you have to wait to call them back after placing the claim. I guess that put me over the 30 day warranty for the broken phone they sent me. so now i have to wait four to five business days to get a proof of purchase form to fill out and take to a local verizon store to get the phone. of course there is the possibility that they wont do it. then ill have to go to the manufacture, and if i had to take a guess I would say Im going to have to drive somewhere far to get to one.

I just threw a hissy fit in hopes of annoying them into just sending me one.
It didnt work.

speaking of work, I need to go get ready

at least its friday, and a pay day.
I think tomorrow Im going to take my bike down to Around Town Bikes for a tune up. she deserves it. Then maybe shell be easier going up the hills

Chuck Palahniuk

if death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character...Would you slow down? Or speed up?

Jun. 18th, 2007

Im diggin the new iron and wine right now, its fuckin wonderful.
someones bbqin on the block, and the weather is beautiful. sometimes i dont mind working

thx wika138kwika

hooplas involving circus tricks

had a kick a weekend. woke up saturday to some lovens. showered and head down to crap mart. picked up some camping essentials, i.e turkey dogs, buns, s'mores stuff, amish mac salad, fruit and veggies. linked up with the gang back at the house and went to the distributer. we got a case of magic hat summer mix, sierra navada, and some twisted teas and head up to Tunkhannock. On the way up we hit a bit of a storm which bummed us out a bit, but it was quickly over and stayed sunny the rest of the day. we missed pool hours so we went for a hike to the creek that was sort of dry. came back to the site and played some badminton. which rocked. then a bit after dark and many beers we walked down to the mighty Susquehanna and played with sparklers and skipped rocks.
Cody, Theron, Nik, Cole and twp people I dont know came up later.
we had a bad ass fire, had more beers, and shot the shit.
i saw my first shooting star ever.
we woke up early to do some swimming. played a bit more badminton and came back down to wilkes barre for fathers day stuff.
chrystal came with me to my folks. I made coconut chicken and rice pilaf. we also had artichokes and salad. My mom made this sugar cookie fruit tart that kicked ass.
we talked for a while and left before passing out from over eating and sheer exhaustion.

I fuckin killed my phone again, second time this month.
every once in a while in my life i just fuck up everything. ill lose my keys wallet, break my valuable possessions all within a short period of time. It happens every few years and i guess its due time for it to happen. Im going to use my insurance again to get a new one. It will only cost fifty dollars which isnt bad considering my phone is worth about two, but this will be the last time this year I will be able to use it. Which should be alright because honestly Im never ever this bad with my possessions. it does worry me a bit though.

Lindas movin down to Yardley today. Its outside of Illadel. which is a lot better than NC. so its not quite as bad. plus I love going to the city, so thats like a bonus right there.
We hung out till late last night just talkin and stuff. I love havin her around man. we got to do a lot of shit while she was back though including a trip to the city, so Im glad for that. Plus its Yardley, so it wont ever be hard to link up.

Its time to get ready for work. Marley kitties giving me mad love and I dont wanna move.



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